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Learn about how academic cancer clinical trials can help you as a patient and access resources for 3CTN Patient Representatives.




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3CTN’s leadership strongly believes in the value of patient and public involvement (PPI) and is committed to ensuring that PPI is embedded in every aspect of the 3CTN framework, both at the Coordinating Centre level and at Network sites across the country.

One key part of 3CTN’s PPI efforts are the recruitment of Patient Representatives, who contribute a crucial perspective to clinical trials by providing feedback, insight, expertise and support towards trial activities and initiatives. This section contains helpful guides for new Patient Representatives joining the Network and information for patients and members of the public who are interested in learning more about academic cancer clinical trials.

About Clinical Trials

Learn about academic cancer clinical trials, their role in cancer research and treatment and how to participate.

Patient Experiences

Helpful videos for patients and members of the public about clinical trials and getting involved with the 3CTN community.

Clinical Trials Navigator

The Clinical Trials Navigator can help cancer patients search and connect to clinical trials they may be eligible for.

Patient Representative Orientation Package

The complete guide for Patient Representatives who are getting started with their role in the 3CTN community or those interested in becoming involved.

Patient Representative Resources

Resources to support Patient Representatives actively involved across the 3CTN community.

Patient Representative Community

An introduction to the Patient Representative Advisory Committee (PRAC) and Patient Representative Community of Practice (PRCoP).