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Learn about how academic cancer clinical trials can help you as a patient and access resources for 3CTN Patient Representatives.



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Patient Representative Community

Patient Representative Community

Patient Representative Advisory Council

The Patient Representative Advisory Council (PRAC) is responsible for providing guidance and oversight of 3CTN’s Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) activities. The PRAC is a team of 3CTN Patient Representatives and 3CTN CC staff with the focus of providing feedback, insight, expertise and support to the Network.

3CTN is in the process of expanding council membership. Patient Representative Council Members demonstrate interest and knowledge of patient representative roles and engagement. At the discretion of Council members, composition may expand based on opportunities to work with interested stakeholders, other patient representatives, healthcare providers. 

Patient Representative Advisory Community of Practice

For the purposes of sharing PPI best practices, accessing learning and development opportunities, and addressing any challenges in implementing PPI locally at the Network cancer centres, the Coordinating Centre, together with the PRAC, undertook a step to establish the Patient Representative Community of Practice (PRCoP), made up of all local Patient Representatives within 3CTN. Quarterly meetings have been organized to connect members and bolster engagement and communication, helping Patient Representatives benefit from the support, experience and mentorship offered both by peers and PRAC members. The PRCoP is growing rapidly, and new members are always welcome!