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Use the resources below to stay informed on reporting obligations, access training tools, and get support for clinical trial conduct at your cancer centre.




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3CTN is dedicated to helping cancer centres achieve performance goals and implement best practices. From user manuals to training modules, this section contains a comprehensive collection of resources to assist cancer centre staff and researchers in their clinical trials activities.

Trial Portfolio

About 3CTN’s Portfolio of academic clinical trials and our real-time power BI trial listing.

Patient & Public Involvement

Manual and templates to assist cancer centre admin in conducting Patient & Public Involvement (PPI) activities and recruiting.

Reporting Obligations

Reporting obligations for our NCCs/NACCs: deadlines, deliverables due, reporting procedure and personnel responsible for reporting.

Recruitment Best Practices Inventory

A central repository for our Network sites to gain access to as many best practices, tools, and templates as possible that will assist with this very important goal.

Biospecimen Operations Training

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for biospecimen collection, storage, retrieval, and distribution and training quizzes.


Information for cancer centres interested in rolling out EDGE, our partner Clinical Trials Management System.

Ask Me Campaign Materials

Educational material for members of the public and other printable resources for ambassadors of 3CTN's public clinical trials awareness campaign.