Clinical Trial Strategy Groups

Directly tied to 3CTN’s goal of supporting the academic trial environment in Canada, 3CTN is setting out to create Clinical Trial Strategy Groups (CTSGs) to perform the following key responsibilities:

  • Review the 3CTN academic trial Portfolio;
  • Identify research gaps for the assigned disease area in the academic trial portfolio;
  • Compensate for research gaps by proposing new clinical trial ideas;
  • Review the trial portfolio to prioritize and balance active clinical trials;
  • Assist with identifying funding opportunities for high priority clinical trials;
  • Advocate for the 3CTN Network and Portfolio of trials.

To accomplish these important tasks, the CTSGs members must be positioned to advise on a particular disease type and the CTSG will be composed of researchers and experts from within this disease area. The CTSG will have representatives who cover a wide range of expertise.