Lay Representative Advisory Committee

Early in the development of 3CTN, a Lay Representative Advisory Committee (LRAC) was struck to help the 3CTN CC ensure that PPI is infused into all central and regional 3CTN activities. Accountable to the 3CTN Management Committee, the LRAC is a team of 3CTN Lay Representatives and 3CTN CC staff with the focus of providing feedback, insight, expertise and support to the Network. The LRAC’s deliverables, inside the 3CTN framework for 2018-2022, will be:

  • Ensure the infusion of meaningful Lay Representation throughout 3CTN;
  • In collaboration with the Canadian Cancer Action Network (CCAN), develop and validate a framework and role description for Lay Representatives within 3CTN;
  • Further incorporation of Lay Representatives within the clinical research communities;
  • Assist 3CTN with actively soliciting Lay involvement in the development and evaluation of 3CTN activities.

3CTN is in the process of expanding commitee membership. Lay Representative Committee Members demonstrate interest and knowledge of lay representative roles and engagement. At the discretion of Committee members, composition may expand based on opportunities to work with interested stakeholders, other lay reprensentatives, healthcare providers. 

If you are interested in joining the Lay Representative Advisory Committee, please contact (Suzana Kovacevic.)


Fred Clark - Manitoba (Chair)

Gretta Hutton - Ontario

Judy Needham - British Columbia

Erwin Wanderer - Atlantic Canada

Louise Gagne - Quebec

Jean Francois - Quebec

Stephen Sundquist (ex officio) - Executive Director, Canadian Cancer Clinical Trials Network

Suzana Kovacevic (ex officio) - Project Manager, Canadian Cancer Clinical Trials Network