PPI Toolkit for Network Sites

Welcome to the PPI Toolkit for Site/Scientific Staff involved in PPI activities within 3CTN. 3CTN’s leadership believes that infusing PPI in all levels of 3CTN is very important to help the Network achieve its goals and objectives. The potential positive influence of PPI on Network goals and objectives could include:

  • Increasing the number of adults and children enrolling in academic clinical trials
  • Increasing the number of centres offering academic clinical trials across the country
  • Improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the management of clinical trials to complete trials in a timely manner
  • Streamlining processes such as training of trial personnel, ethics review and specimen collection and storage nationally
  • Demonstrating the positive impacts of this work on the Canadian health system

We hope you find the tools and information on this page helpful to not only understand what PPI is, but also how to embrace all that PPI has to offer this important pan-Canadian initiative.

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