Strategy Teams

These teams are responsible for reviewing Network activities and developing future Network initiatives.


This team is responsible for evaluating Network performance, identifying problems and proposing new initiatives, tools to improve the efficiency and quality of trial activities, improvements to and competencies of clinical trial staff through education, training and mentoring and greater patient access to trials.

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This team is responsible for special initiatives, research projects and review of outputs and outcomes that will demonstrate impact of the Network on the academic trial environment, patients and health care system. This team will also review research on the costs and impact of academic clinical trials, the Network and trial innovation. Research leaders and projects developed through the collaboration with ARCC will sit within this strategic team.

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This team is responsible for strategies that will enhance the long term sustainability of trials and the Network. This includes engagement, advocacy, and partnerships with government, industry, charities and public/consumer organizations. It will also include the academic clinical trials organizations and look for innovative approaches to trial design, methods and execution to address important scientific questions that will lead to improved outcomes for cancer patients.

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