The Canadian Cancer Clinical Trials Network

The Canadian Cancer Clinical Trials Network (3CTN) is a pan-Canadian initiative to improve the efficiency and quality of clinical trials in Canada. 3CTN will provide support and coordination for a network of teams at cancer treatment centres and hospitals. With regional participation, 3CTN will enable sites to increase their capacity and capability to conduct academic trials.

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3CTN Annual Report 2014/15

The 3CTN Coordinating Centre is pleased to present our inaugural Annual Report!

In our first year, the Coordinating Centre and the member sites have been very busy building the Canadian network to support academic cancer clinical trials. The accomplishments highlighted in this report surround Network implementation and creating a strong foundation to support the activities, partnerships and communication that will be crucial to 3CTN success in the coming years.

We invite you to read the 2014/15 Annual Report to see the exciting progress made in year 1 of the 3CTN initiative.

View the 3CTN Annual Report 2014/15


The table below provides an overview on reporting obligations and timelines for 3CTN award recipients.

Reporting Obligations for 3CTN Award Recipients

Prostate Cancer Initiative

The Canadian Cancer Clinical Trials Network(3CTN) is pleased to issue the following request for concept proposals for clinical research projects in prostate cancer. Prostate cancer is the most common cancer to affect Canadian men. One in seven men will be diagnosed with the disease in their lifetime. This year Janssen Inc. has provided $500,000 to support clinical research proposals that address important clinical questions. Proposals may include evaluations of biospecimens from previously conducted clinical trials, support conduct of clinical trials or the evaluation of public databases or registries.

The identification of proposals and distribution of funds will be through 3CTN. The process for proposal development and evaluation is as follows:

1. a written concept, maximum 2 pages will be submitted electronically to 3CTN. (2) A short presentation (for each concept proposal submitted) will be made during a special session May 2, 2015 (exact time to be announced) at the Eaton Chelsea, Toronto. This session will be held during the NCIC CTG annual spring meeting to facilitate the attendance and participation of interested investigators. (3) Concepts accepted for moving forward to full application will be notified following the presentations after the NCIC-CTG meeting.

Research area:
clinical trials and clinical research studies in prostate cancer.

Funding available:
$500,000 total over 3 years

Key Dates & Contact Information:

Issue of Request of Concept proposals March 20, 2015
Concepts Due Date April 17, 2015
Presentation Meeting May 2, 2015
Notification of Acceptance to Full Application May 11, 2015
Full Application Due Date August 31, 2015
Review Period September, 2015
Notification of Award October 31, 2015
Award Period October 31 2015 to September, 2018
Application Submission Contact Karen Arts, Executive Director, 3CTN
Budget Contact Saher Lalani, Project Financial Analyst 3CTN
E-Submission TBD

Press Release

Canadian Cancer Clinical Trials Network receives new funding, launches online service to connect patients to clinical trials.

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3CTN Newsletter

June 29, 2015
3CTN has released its June Newsletter. View this issue for more information on 3CTN Progress to date.

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