Challenges in the Clinical Trial Landscape

Clinical trials advance scientific research, result in better treatments for patients, and allow many cancer patients to have a more active role in their health care.

However, a 2010 report showed that accrual to cancer clinical trials is declining, time to activate trials has tripled and clinical trial regulations and operations are burdensome.

Academic clinical trials, which are defined as those developed by and coordinated by academic investigators, are especially affected. Stresses within the academic clinical trial system are impairing the execution of research that will translate research discoveries into clinical practice.


Our Mission

Our mission is to support and improve the efficient delivery of cancer clinical trial results that will define medical practice by addressing impediments to patient access and execution of academic cancer clinical trials through:


What We Do

3CTN is focused on increasing recruitment and ensuring efficient and effective delivery of academic cancer clinical trials. Here are some examples of current Network initiatives that support activities in areas linked to each of our objectives:

Improve patient access to clinical trials

Clinical Trials Navigator

The Clinical Trials Navigator helps cancer patients search and connect to clinical trials they may be eligible for.

Remote Patient Access

Addressing the challenge of trial participation for cancer patients that live at longer distances from trial centres.

Embed patient & public involvement (PPI) in trial planning and conduct

Patient Representatives & Advisors

A community of Patient Representatives providing feedback, insight, expertise and support to the Network.

Ask Me Campaign

A clinical trials awareness campaign that features buttons, posters and brochures.

Improve the trial environment

Funding for Cancer Centres

Providing funding for cancer centre personnel to support academic cancer clinical trials education opportunities and tools to manage clinical trials

Cross-Centre Communication

Increased communication and strategic partnerships among cancer centres

Networking Opportunities

Opportunities for cancer centres to share success stories, best practices and identify solutions to common challenges

Supporting EDGE-CTMS Adoption

Supported cancer centres interested in adopting EDGE, a cloud based CTMS for the management and conduct of clinical trials

Optimize the 3CTN trial portfolio

Our Portfolio of Trials

Supported a portfolio of academic clinical trials that reflect the priorities of clinicians, researchers, patients, ministries of health and funders

Measuring & Demonstrating Impact

Developed a Portfolio trial impact assessment framework to capture trends, changes over time and provide the ability to articulate Portfolio impact to funders and other stakeholders.