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Use the resources below to stay informed on reporting obligations, access training tools, and get support for clinical trial conduct at your cancer centre.



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Ask Me Campaign Materials



Ask Me Campaign Materials

Welcome to the staff page for the Ask Me Campaign. Below site staff will find the tools and resources needed for site level implementation of this campaign. Please feel free to contact us at if you have questions or need other tools/resources that you don’t find on this webpage


This can be posted in waiting rooms or other patient areas where you would like to promote the campaign.

Fact Sheet

This may be helpful for educating other staff at your site or could be used in any local administrative approval process that may be required.

Training Slides

This is a very important tool in the campaign, as only trained staff will understand the purpose of the campaign and be aware of the messaging to patients and their families. NOTE: there is one slide in this file that should be updated with local information before using to train site staff.

Resource Cards

This is the design for the card you can hand out to patients at your site. If you are interested in getting more cards for your site, contact

Brochure (EN) (FR)

This is a general clinical trials information brochure you can place in patient areas.