Portfolio Assessment

Once a trial has been assessed and accepted on to the 3CTN Portfolio, a Network centre that has the opened the trial to accrual is eligible to receive per case funding (PCF) for those patients recruited above the centre’s established PCF trigger as defined within individual contractual agreements between 3CTN and the Network centre site.

Per Case Funding Amounts

The PCF amount for 2018-2022 associated with each complexity rating:

Trial Complexity ScorePCF Amount ($)**
0-3 (Low)500
4-6 (Standard)850
≥ 7 (High)1000

**PCF distribution is subject to available funding

Incentive Based Funding

3CTN’s funding model has been updated to include Incentive Based Funding (IBF) for Year 7 (April 1, 2020-March 31, 2021) and Year 8 (April 1, 2021-March 31, 2022).IBF rates are subject to funding availability. Please refer to the Incentive Based Funding Process for IBF factors and definitions. Also see the Incentive Based Funding FAQs.

Portfolio Impact

Adapted from published literature, 3CTN created categories to describe the mix of trials that make up the Network’s Portfolio.  The customized framework developed with the Portfolio Committee’s input was derived from “The Importance of Doing Trials Right While Doing the Right Trials” paper (Dilts et. Al.) and can allow for analyses based on a standardized set of Study Criteria as well as defined Impact on Patient Population and Innovativeness (see below).

Results from periodic review will enable assessments of the different types of studies being undertaken at a given point, trends and changes over time as well as help articulate the overall impact of the Portfolio for funders and other stakeholders.

Portfolio impact criteria and definitions

View an interactive report on the outcomes of 3CTN’s Portfolio Impact Analysis.