About Clinical Trials

Scientific discoveries that offer possible new treatments for cancer and other diseases are studied in clinical trials. Clinical trials are essential for advancing scientific research and discoveries made through these trials can result in better treatments for patients. Clinical trials also provide an opportunity for many cancer patients to have a more active role in their health care. For more information on Clinical Trials, visit It Starts With Me.

What are academic cancer clinical trials?

As per the Canadian Cancer Research Alliance, “Academic trials are defined as those developed by and coordinated by academic investigators such as trials that are “sponsored” by academic organizations like universities or cooperative clinical trial groups. 

Academically-sponsored trials are important and essential for progressing the scientific community’s understanding of cancer and answering important cancer research questions which ultimately result in the development of new cancer treatments. 3CTN helps support Cancer Centres to run academic cancer clinical trials that will answer important research questions and lead to better cancer treatments.

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