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Learn about how academic cancer clinical trials can help you as a patient and access resources for 3CTN Patient Representatives.



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Patient Representative Orientation Package

This is a complete guide for Patient Representatives, either seasoned or getting started with their role in 3CTN. 

It has been demonstrated that the voice of the patient and the public can be influential in healthcare research and that including Patient Representatives strengthens accountability and transparency in such endeavors. Patient representatives can help to steer research in directions that answer questions that are important to patients and the public. Patient representatives can provide input to trial design and communication strategies that will make sense to patients. They often bring value-added personal and professional skills which can be very helpful to the work of a committee or project. Ultimately, Patient Representatives can truly embody the phrase “nothing about us without us”.

3CTN Tools

  • Patient Representatives Orientation Toolkit:
    • Patient Representative Role Description EN FR
    • Patient Representative Responsibilities Matrix EN FR
    • Patient Representative Onboarding Orientation Checklist EN FR

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