3CTN supports a portfolio of academic clinical trials that reflect the priorities of clinicians, researchers, patients, ministries of health and funders. Scientific oversight will be provided by the Portfolio Committee (PC) and management of the day-to-day operations is provided by the 3CTN Coordinating Centre. Academically sponsored trials that are included on the portfolio are eligible for 3CTN support.

3CTN aims to assist both clinicians/researchers and patients in finding cancer clinical trials that may be of benefit. Patients that are interested in participating in a clinical trial must contact their healthcare provider for details, but may wish to search the 3CTN Portfolio to know which trials are open to accrual at their local centre.

To view the 3CTN Portfolio Watch Newsletters for monthly trial updates, view the Portfolio Watch here.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if a trial is eligible for the 3CTN Portfolio?

An eligible trial must meet the following criteria:

  • Interventional oncology trial;
  • Academically sponsored (Clinical Trial Applications held by academic institution);
  • Open to multiple Canadian sites;
  • Funded independently of 3CTN;
  • Peer reviewed by external reviewers (see, Peer Review definition).

Should you have questions about trial eligibility please see the Trial Eligibility Criteria and Guidelines.

How do I submit a trial for consideration for the 3CTN Portfolio?

Complete this Portfolio Application Form and submit the completed form to infoat3ctn.ca

How are trials assessed for inclusion on the 3CTN Portfolio?

Portfolio Process Map

What do I do if the trial I submitted has not been Peer Reviewed?

The 3CTN Coordinating Centre can help facilitate peer review for an un-reviewed trial. Please see the documents listed below for further details:

For Sites For Reviewers
Process Guidelines Reviewer Guidelines
Intake Form Reviewer Form

How do I know if my submitted trial application has been reviewed or approved?

If you have recently submitted a trial for review, please see the Portfolio Application Status Update Summary for a list of studies submitted to 3CTN for review and approval.

What happens once a trial is on the 3CTN Portfolio?

Once a trial has been assessed (as per the diagram above) and accepted on to the 3CTN Portfolio, a Network centre that has the opened the trial to accrual is eligible* to receive per case funding (PCF) for any patient recruitment above the established baseline recruitment** for that centre

*subject to their individual contractual agreements between 3CTN and the Network site

** established baseline recruitment is defined in the individual contractual agreements between 3CTN and the Network site

How much per case funding (PCF) will the site receive?

All trials on the 3CTN Portfolio are assessed for complexity and assigned a complexity category (Low, Standard, or High) based on the 3CTN Trial Weighting System (see Trial Weighting System documents). The PCF amount associated with each complexity rating is listed in the table below:

Raw Score Range PCF Amount($)*
0-3 Low 1,000
4-6 Standard 1,500
7 or more High 2,000

*Note: This PCF amount reflects the 2014-2018 Business Plan. The 2018-2022 Strategic Plan and PCF distribution will be updated shortly. For more information, please contact the Coordinating Centre at infoat3ctn.ca 

Who do I contact for more information about the 3CTN Portfolio or the trial application process?

General enquires or submitting a new application: infoat3ctn.ca

Portfolio Administration questions: rebecca.xuatoicr.on.ca

Facilitated Peer Review process or Trial Complexity Weighting System questions: infoat3ctn.ca