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Patient & Public Involvement (PPI) within 3CTN

Clinical trials are one part of the larger treatment development pipeline, where a new therapy can be brought into the clinic to treat cancer patients while closely monitoring those patients and collecting data to assess the effects of that novel therapy. Therefore, clinical trials are an integral and important step in the ‘bench to bedside’ journey as they allow clinicians and researchers to assess that new therapy and make sure that it is 1) safe for patients, and 2) that it represents an improvement in patient outcomes.

In recent years, there has been increasing support throughout all areas of the health research sector to include the patient or caregiver perspective in designing research studies and setting the research agenda. Having the patient’s voice at the table when planning and conducting research, known as patient and public involvement (PPI), has been shown to have a positive impact on all stages of research. Regarding clinical trials specifically, involving PPI in research design and execution is thought to also have a positive effect on patient recruitment.

Due to these potential positive impacts, leveraging PPI in all aspects of 3CTN was felt to be integral to 3CTN’s success. To that end, 3CTN struck a Patient Representative Advisory Committee to assist with the infusion of PPI in all 3CTN activities. Among the recommendations from the Patient Representative Advisory Committee was to embed PPI in every aspect of 3CTN to ensure that 3CTN is addressing any barriers for patients or caregivers, as well as assist with clinical trial advocacy across the Network. The Patient Representative Advisory Committee will play a key role within the Network, and more information about this Committee can be found here: Patient Representative Advisory Committee.